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How you can donate and help OUR Church


We have tithes and offerings during every Sunday service. Just fill out an envelope and drop it off in the foyer, in the black box outside of the pastor's office or in the baskets that the ushers pass around. 


Click the button below to participate in our online giving!

Giving financially to the church is an act of faith and stewardship, demonstrating a deep commitment to the church's mission and the broader work of God. It involves willingly contributing a portion of one's income to support the church's ministries, activities, and community outreach efforts.


Financial giving allows the church to function effectively, maintain its facilities, and provide spiritual guidance to its members. It also enables the congregation to engage in charitable work, both locally and globally, addressing the needs of the less fortunate and promoting social justice.


This act of generosity not only sustains the church but also reinforces the spiritual bond within the congregation. It is a tangible way for individuals to align their financial resources with their values and beliefs, contributing to the flourishing of their faith community and the realization of its mission.

Thank You For contributing to the growth of our church!

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