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Our History.

 Church records show the history of Lowe's Chapel stretches back to 1876 when the Black Central Alabama Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church was formed. According to Conference minutes prepared by the late Rev. L. G. Fields, Lowe's Chapel was founded sometime in the 1800's by Fleix Weeden, and the land was donated by Reuben M. Lowe, a school teacher. The church was located in the Huntsville District and the present site on Sanderson Road was purchased in 1896.

For Decades, there was a small white frame church with no running water, antiquated sewage, and minimal parking, but with a very proud and dedicated congregation, the building that was once surrounded by cotton fields, stood engulfed by the growth of a city, committed to technology and change. Lowe's was what people called"a country church" according to Rev. L G. Fields, who was the pastor here at Lowe's Chapel from 1934 to 1936.

Our Current structure, which was completed in 1986, is the third building to house Lowe's Chapel. Lowe's became a United Methodist affiliate when the black and white Methodist conferences in Alabama merged in 1972. 

To lead and encourage those in the dark by lighting a path to Christ.


Sharing our faith through works, service, compassion humility and praise

The church of love with a strangely warmed heart.


Pastors: Past and Present

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