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Our History

The history of Lowe's Chapel Church stretches back to at least 1876 when the all-black Central Alabama Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church was formed. To our knowledge, there is no record of the exact date Lowe's Chapel was established. However, because we were on record in 1976, we take extreme pride in knowing that we were apparently an organized church worshipping in a non-traditional location before the 1896 date. 

In 1984, Reverend Lindsey G. Fields who lived to be more than 100 years old, and who was a former pastor of Lowe's Chapel, participated in a published interview with Dale James, Religion Editor for The Huntsville Times. According to Fields, who was also an official in the old Central Alabama Conference, revealed that recorded minutes from the Conference show  Felix Weeden as the founder of Lowe's Chapel. According to records at the Madison County Courthouse, Reuben M. Lowe and his wife Maria, deeded land to Felix Weeden and Mandifer Jones, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Lincoln, charge of the county of Madison, Alabama, for the sum of one dollar lawful money. The deed was recorded February 15, 1896.  

Our current location is the site of the original building, and has been in use since the late 1930s. Until 1986, worship services were held in a small, one room structure, made of wood painted white, with no running water, improper sewage and parking, but with a very proud and dedicated congregation. The building, which was once surrounded by cotton fields stood engulfed by the growth of city committed to technology and change. Lowe's Chapel was what people called a "country church" according to Rev. Fields, who was pastor from 1934 to 1936. The congregation erected a new facility and occupied the building in June of 1986. 

Image drawn of the original church, Io Putney (1986)

Our Pastors

Waymond K. Smith
Maurice Drake

Assistant Pastor

Support Staff

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Trey Rentz

Administrative Assistant

Kansas Blankenship

Church Custodian 

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