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Finance Team

The ministry of the finance committee is to nurture the financial vitality of the congregation. This is a comprehensive assignment that encompasses a variety of responsibilities, all of which are necessary if the congregation is to accomplish its vision for ministry.



(in photo) Carmelletha Rice- Team Lead


Co-Team Lead Bennett Higgins (No Photo) Co-Team Lead Fergus Huston

Nurture Outreach Witness

The Nurture Outreach and Witness team identifies the gifts and strengths of persons in the congregation and develops those gifts in their mission or ministry roles.

-Lowe's Assistance Program

-Bible Study 

(in Photo) Elise McWilliams

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Building Team

(In Photo) Dr. Debbie Hyder- Team Lead


(In Photo) Pastor Maurice Drake- Team Lead

Lay Leader

Functions as  representative of the laity in the local church

(In Photo) Min. Britney Anderson - Team Lead

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Leadership Development Team

(In photo) Tracie Moore- Team Lead

Worship Team

In becoming a life long learner about Christian worship in general and United Methodist worship, being a part of this committee gives one the chance to know the people and gifts of the people in the congregation and community. 

(In Photo) Vicky Crawford- Team Leader

United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women is a faith- based membership organization of laywomen within the United Methodist Church. Members are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in a community with other women and building the lives of people marginalized within society.

(In photo) Mattie Henderson- Team Lead

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Contact Information


"For He is our God, And we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand Today, if you would hear His voice,"

Psalm 95:7

460 Sanderson St. NW Huntsville, AL 35805

(256) 895-9104

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